(Note: This recall only applies to Tip-Restraints produced by New Age Industires and does not apply to furniture products produced by Legacy Classic | Modern.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that while we strive to represent our products and finishes correctly on our website and printed materials, variations in materials, finish color, texture, construction, size, information, etc. may occur. We suggest you contact or visit your local authorized Legacy retailer for the best representation of our products.

Shopping Questions

Can I purchase Furniture directly from Legacy Classic?
No, sorry. As a wholesale manufacturer, Legacy Classic does not sell directly to consumers. Instead, we focus on what we do best (furniture design, production, and logistics) and partner with retailers who make furniture shopping, selection, delivery, and service easy and enjoyable.

Can you provide pricing information?
No, sorry. We do not influence the selling price retailers establish. Please contact a retailer for pricing.

How can I find a specific collection?
Please check with retailers in your area. Many retailers showcase many of our collections or can special order items. You can locate retailers in your area by using our Where to Buy feature. If you are having trouble finding a specific item or retailer in your area, please Contact Us at and we’ll be happy to help.

Does Legacy Classic offer a warranty?
Yes, Legacy Classic Furniture warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment from Legacy Classic to the retailer. After a period of one (1) year, Legacy Classic will replace any defective merchandise at a cost to the retailer, providing the merchandise is still available. Our retailers handle the service and warranty work for our products. Please contact your selling retailer should you have any problems with your products and for complete warranty information.

How do I read the measurements?
Our dimensions are listed as width x depth x height. As an example, the width of a chest indicates how wide the chest is at the widest point from side to side. The depth indicates the distance from front to back or how far it will sit from the wall. The height indicates the distance from the bottom to the tallest point. For a bed, this sketch may be helpful:

Bed Dimensions

Do you carry furniture for adults?
Yes! Some of our Legacy Classic Kids youth collections offer a queen size bed. Additionally, all Legacy Classic Furniture adult collections offer queen and king bed sizes. Please visit for information.

Bed and Support Questions

What is a Slat Roll and do I need one for my bed?
Slat Rolls replace a box spring to provide full mattress support in a compact size (less than 1” high). Slat Rolls come in both twin and full size. Please use this chart.

Slat rolls are required with...
  • All Legacy Classic Bunk Beds
  • All Legacy Classic Loft Beds
  • All Legacy Classic Beds using an Underbed Storage Unit
  • All Legacy Classic Beds with a Storage Footboard
  • All Legacy Classic Lounge Beds
  • All converted Cribs when set up as a full size Bed with Rails
Slat rolls are suggested with...
  • All Legacy Classic Beds using a Trundle/Storage Drawer
  • All Legacy Classic Daybeds
Slat rolls are helpful with...
  • All Legacy Classic Beds for a young child because slat rolls eliminate the height of a box spring and can lower the overall height of the mattress from the floor
Slat rolls are not needed with...
  • Any Legacy Classic Metal Bed
  • Any Legacy Classic Crib when used without Rails (Stages 1, 2, 3)

What does “High/Low Rail positions” mean?
This means your bed offers a choice between two rail positions to lower or raise the height of your mattress. This feature is helpful if you have a young child, want to use underbed storage, or just like options!

Can I purchase just a Headboard?
Many of our Headboards can be used with a metal bed frame in place of the Footboard and Rails. Although we do not supply bed frames, they are commonly available at furniture retailers and mattress stores. To determine if the bed you’re interested in has holes for a metal bed frame to be used as a Headboard only, please check the "More Info Tab".

How can I get replacement parts for my Legacy Classic Kids furniture?
Your Legacy Classic Kids retailer can order replacement parts and provide service.  If you have moved or need assistance locating a different retailer, please Contact Us at

What size mattress do I need?
Regular Legacy Classic Kids twin, full, and queen size beds are designed to work with standard mattresses. But there are specific beds with unique safety precautions that require extra attention to the mattress size. Here is a guide:

Legacy Classic Bed Type Mattress Width Mattress Length Mattress Thickness(Height)
Bunk Bed- Twin over Twin 37 1/2" - 38 1/2" 74" - 75" not more than 10"
Bunk Bed- Full over Full 52 1/2" - 53 1/2" 74" - 75" not more than 10"
Loft Bed 37 1/2" - 38 1/2" 74" - 75" not more than 10"
Baby Crib at least 27 1/4"
(69 centimeters)
at least 51 5/8"
(131 centimeters)
not more than 6"
(15 centimeters)

but at least 4"
(10 centimeters)
Underbed Trundle/Drawer not more than 38" not more than 73" not more than 8"

Furniture Safety

Do all Legacy Classic Kids Cribs convert?
Yes.  All Legacy Classic Kids Cribs can convert to safely follow your child from infant to teen.  An innovative design allows the crib to function as four different beds. With the addition of the Toddler Guard Rail Kit, the infant Crib (Stage 1) can convert to a Toddler Bed (Stage 2) and a Preschool Daybed (Stage 3). With the addition of  Convertor Bed Rails, the infant Crib (Stage 1) can convert to a Full Size (or often called Double) Bed (Stage 4).

How do I know Legacy Classic Kids furniture is safe?
There are required standards and voluntary guidelines that can reassure you that Legacy Classic Kids furniture is safe. Those are listed below because we are proud of our compliance. But, the real answer is because we consider safety the overriding objective in everything we do from furniture design and manufacturing to sourcing and testing. Many of our employees are parents as well and all of our employees want what you want – infants and children to be safe in the room that matters the most. We are happy to answer any specific questions but here are our credentials:

  • Legacy Classic Kids furniture meets or exceeds all U.S. safety regulations including lead paint, lead content, and standards for Bunk Beds and Cribs as overseen by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).
  • Legacy Classic Kids Cribs also meet required Canadian Crib and Cradle regulations.
  • Legacy Classic Kids Bunk Beds, Lofts, Baby Cribs, Changing Tables and Toddler Beds additionally meet or exceed ASTM voluntary safety guidelines.
  • Legacy Classic Kids Dressers, Bureaus, Chests, Door Chests, Bookcases, and Desk Hutches include anti-tip restraint hardware and meet ASTM voluntary anti-tip guidelines.
  • Additionally, Legacy Classic Kids is a member of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA).

What are drawer stops?
All Legacy Classic Kids drawers have a positive drawer stop which prevents the drawers from falling out of the case when opened.

Does Legacy Classic Kids furniture include anti-tip hardware?
Yes, anti-tip hardware is included with all furniture over 30”. This hardware kit allows the furniture to be anchored to the wall to help prevent accidental tipping from a child playing or climbing on a piece of furniture. Additionally, Legacy Classic Kids furniture meets the ASTM voluntary anti-tip standard which involves weighted tip tests and labeling requirements. Please do not discard these wall anchors. If you have young children, consider adding additional restraints (available at home improvement stores) to all your furniture and appliances to prevent a tragedy.

What are the weight limits for beds and changing tables?

Legacy Classic Item Maximum Weight Limit
Regular Twin Bed 500 lbs (using Slat Roll or Slats)
Regular Full Size Bed 800 lbs (using Slat Roll or Slats)
Top Bunk - Twin 350 lbs (using Slat Roll)
Top Bunk - Full 400 lbs (using Slat Roll)
Queen Size Beds 800 lbs (using Slats)
Crib, unconverted (stage 1) 50 lbs
Crib converted to Toddler Bed (stage 2,3) 50 lbs
Baby Changing Table 30 lbs

Furniture Care & Replacement Parts

How should I clean and care for my furniture?
To maintain and protect the beauty of your furniture, we suggest the following:

  • Dust with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Avoid placing your LC Kids furniture in direct sunlight or a damp area.  Furniture should not be placed in front of or over heating or air conditioning.
  • Wipe up spills promptly.  If left, they can cause damage to the finish.
  • Use a protective pad when using a writing utensil or placing anything hot on the surface.
  • Use felt pads under accessories and avoid placing plastics (such as place mats, vinyl notebooks, etc) on your furniture. Ingredients in some plastics and plastic feet on lamps/clocks may react with the finish.

Where can I find instructions to assemble my furniture?
Assembly instructions are located on the website with each item and are also included in furniture cartons.

How can I fix minor scratches?
Minor scratches can be touched up with furniture markers. Mohawk Finishing Products offers touch up paints to match all Legacy Classic Kids finishes. To locate a retailer in your area, please visit their website directly.

How can I get replacement parts for my Legacy Classic Kids furniture?
Your Legacy Classic Kids retailer can order replacements parts and provide service. If you have moved or need assistance locating a different retailer, please Contact Us at